Model: SC-BAT-1218 This 12V battery must be used in conjunction with a Spartan GoCam & battery box, and should not be used directly with the camera. – Extend your battery life with this 12V 18AMP battery intended for use with the Spartan GoCam & Battery Box. This serves as the power source for our GoCam Solar Bundle as well, helping to prolong battery life and cut down on the number of times you need to visit your properties to swap out costly AA’s. – This item should not be used alone with the Spartan GoCam or Ghost Camera. – Looking for Ghost Power Options? This product is not compatible with the Spartan GoCam Ghost series. If you are looking for the solar bundle for your Ghost camera, please see our Ghost 15W Solar Panel Kit. In stock SKU: SC-BAT-1218 $44.95 MSRP