Real Data

What is “Shared Data”? 

Shared Data is a “pool” of data that you can add to your Spartan Cameras to. This means you can share data between your cameras and eliminate the need to keep them on multiple plans at the same time. Instead of buying an individual plan for each of your cameras, you can buy a single plan and share the data between all of your Spartan cameras.  

Every cellular camera from Spartan Camera requires data to send pictures and videos to your devices. With our new Shared Data Plan, sharing data between your cameras has never been easier!

Usage Recommendations

Usage and data needs can vary from user to user. If you experience a lot of activity at your sites or want to monitor your land year-round, the 12-month plan is highly recommended! For less active areas or cameras that aren’t used as often, a smaller plan may be a better fit. 

Plan Information

Each Shared Data Plan has a maximum camera limit. Our smallest plan allows you to share data between 3 cameras and our largest plan allows you to share data between up to 10 cameras. Each additional camera will add $5 per month to that plan.  For example, a 1-month plan charges $5 per additional camera. A 3-month plan would charge $15 per additional camera.

Shared Data Plans are divided into four different renewal periods: 1-month plans, 3-month plans, a 6-month plan, and a 12-month plan. Keep in mind, however, if all the data allowance is used the plan will automatically auto-renew.