Spartan GoLive 4G/LTE


The GoLive Features: Powerful Live Streaming: Watch what is happening in front of your camera at any time. The Spartan GoLive streams video with sound at up to 30 fps so that you can see what is happening even if the camera is not triggered. Perfect for monitoring your property or worksites, this live streaming option is easily accessible from the home page of the app when you check your photos. There is no need to worry about leaving live streaming on too long and draining your device or camera battery because there are a 5-minute reminder and a 15-minute shut-off with reminder built in so you know if your stream is still running on that device. Easy-to-use Spartan Camera Management App. $499.95 MSRP

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AT&T, Verizon


Spartan Areus, Mossy oak® Break-Up Country, RealTree™ EDGE